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National Camps for Blind Children

National Camps for the Blind® and National Camps for Blind Children® are affiliated with Christian Record Services, Inc. This project began in 1967 with a single camp at Kulaqua in High Springs, Florida. Camps are held at various locations across the United States and Canada. Since its organization, over 50,000 campers have attended these specialty camps.

Each camp is scheduled at a well-equipped site, chosen especially for the standard of excellence and geographical location. Committed staff and counselors are trained to meet the needs of blind and legally blind campers. Medical personnel are on duty 24 hours a day. Emergency care is available when needed.

The camps are FREE to blind and legally blind persons, except for a nonrefundable processing fee of $35, thanks to gifts from generous donors. These camps are for blind and legally blind persons who are between the ages of 9 and 65 and whose corrected vision is no better than 20/200.

Summer Camper feeds a horse


NCBC/NCB helps blind campers to
  • discover undeveloped potential
  • increase self-confidence
  • improve physical vigor
  • develop an appreciation for
    God's love and care

Summer Camper rides a horse
Summer Camper climbs a climbing wall

Summer Camps

Depending on the summer camp, campers enjoy a variety of activities, including horseback riding, water-skiing, swimming, hiking, rappelling, canoeing, backpacking, archery, go-carts, beeper baseball, and
talent night.

Winter Campers ride a snowmobile

Winter Camps

Winter camps are designed to give visually impaired youth (ages 14-65) the opportunity to participate in winter activities, including skiing, sleighing, snowmobiling, and tubing.

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National Camps for Blind Children

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